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Tue Oct 10 20:49:48 UTC 2000

Ron Butter said:
>I would far prefer to be called a whore than a slut, Larry

Well, I think the difference is that if you're called a slut, it
could just mean you're slutty.  You're easy; you sleep around.  Of
course, it could also mean that you're a whore.

If you're a whore, then you do something that's not allowed.
Typically, of course, selling sex, but also, I think, committing

Shifting parts of speech:
'whorish' definitely sounds nastier to me than 'slutty'.

You can 'whore around', but can you 'slut about'?  Again, the former
sounds much nastier to me.  Sluts have low-cut blouses and high-cut
skirts, but whores are likely to have diseases.

The "mood watcher" on Eudora doesn't like this message one bit...

P.S. OK, stop me if I've told you this story before, but below is a
true story from my past as a supermarket clerk.  I was working the
express lane and had the following interaction with a male customer:

Him:  Let me give you a tip.
Me:   OK.
Him:  Don't become a prostitute.
Me:   Thank you.  I wasn't planning on it.
Him:  Good, you'd starve.

Scarred for life,

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