Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Oct 12 14:30:23 UTC 2000

>T. Paikeday writes:
>>Is "tumeric," pronounced (TUE.muh.ric), common in spoken English? <
>I'm the only one I know who says "TUR meric," or so it has always seemed to
>me.  Sometimes I think I'm the only one who says "cardamoM," too!
>A. Murie
I never would have guessed that (unlike "cardamom"/"cardamon", which
has a bit of Indian heritage mixed in with its Greek, Latin, Old
French, and Middle English roots (or seeds), although curiously the
Greek part is "kardamon" and the Indian part "amomon", so maybe it
really SHOULD be "cardamonamomon", which does have a nice ring to it)
"turmeric" derives from the Latin "terra merita", or worthy earth.
Well, it is a lovely earthy shade of yellow.


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