Email vs. E-mail, &c.

sagehen sagehen at SLIC.COM
Wed Oct 25 14:17:38 UTC 2000

>At 4:29 PM -0400 10/24/00, sagehen wrote:
>>Then there're ebola, economist, edict, effectual,elect, emit, enough already!
>Actually, only "edict" from this group fits the job description
>(which includes primary stress); that's why "econ" does but
>"econom{y/ics/ist}" doesn't.  But I guess we've demonstrated there's
>a bunch of 'em.

Yeah, I only got the point  here after I'd pressed "Send" on my original
missile. It occurs to me that "even"  -- in the context of "odd or" --  is
A. Murie

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