(Meanwhile,) back at the ranch

Fri Oct 27 09:28:47 UTC 2000

Dear Jesse and anyone else who's a mind to know:

>From Ramon Adams, _Cowboy Lingo_.  Boston: Houghton-Mifflin, 1936, p 147

After talking about chuck wagons (also known as trail wagons),
chuck-boxes, and squirrel pans:

Back at the ranch one referred more or less elegantly to "breakfast,"
"dinner," and "supper," but when one hit off the day's work with all
outdoors for a dining room, and a sooty Dutch oven on a bed of embers
in place of a kitchen range, one became more or less of a savage, and
"grub-pile" seemed to fit better in one's rough, outdoor vocabulary.
Back at the ranch, too, the cook was likely to be more polite, and to
say, in announcing his readiness for a meal: "Sit in, gents, she's on,"
or, .....

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