Spanglish in Chronicle of Higher Education

Grant Barrett gbarrett at MONICKELS.COM
Mon Oct 30 11:27:15 UTC 2000

The Chronicle of Higher Education offers a quick review by Ilan Stavans of the
political history of English and Spanish and a few comments on the various versions of

One things strikes me as odd; Stavans uses the phrase "Dominicanish (Nuyorican)
Spanglish" to describe one version. But "Nuyorican" refers specifically to Puerto Ricans,
does it not? Not Dominicans? Is there is a difference between the New York Spanglish
spoken in the two groups?

Also of interest: Stavans writes, "This semester I'm offering a course based on my
research, "The Sounds of Spanglish." In historical and geographic scope, it is, I
believe, the first of its kind and has drawn about 60 students (unusual for a small
liberal-arts institution like Amherst College)."

Finally, I would be interested in comments on his brief treatment of "Ebonics" and
the comparison to Spanglish.

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