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"Well, kid, take it easy--keep your boots on and look out for the chips."
--WRITER'S DIGEST, December 1940, pg. 1, col. 1.

   I've been going through WRITER'S DIGEST.  I haven't found "m" phrases such
as "monkeys typing" or "meanwhile, back at the ranch" or "meet cute," but I
found all of these slang lists.
   Surely, they were in AMERICAN SPEECH and are in the RHHDAS?  I don't have
the RHHDAS here at the Science, Industry & Business Library.
   Here are the lists, with sample words:

April 1941, Army Slang, pg. 41--Holy Joe, B-ache, Dog tag, Gold brick, Mitt

June 1941, R.A.F. Slanguage, pg. 23--Knob, Matelot, Fabric basher,
Glass-house, Bondook, Bowser, Grease, Char.

September 1941, Fire Department Slanguage, pg. 23--Monkey suit, Lemon Ade, On
the carpet, Dog watch, Big mogul, Kelly ttip, Indian gun.

November 1941, Lingo-Mine Run, pg. 28--Chalk-eye, Buggy, Dirt mark, Brattice,
Gob, Gob lice, Hardsock, Firedamp.

March 1942, Army Slanguage by Captain R. G. Emery, pg. 35--Bolo, B.O.Q, Brass
Hat, Dog-Face, Cat-House, Cat-Skinner.

April 1942, Railroad Stuff by Stephen J. Lynch, pg. 30--Air Monkey, Bat the
Stack Off of Her, Black Diamonds, Ball the Jack, Dinky, Dehorned, Douse the
Glim, Jam Nuts, Jigger, Jam Duster, Join the Birds.

May 1942, Ship Building Slanguage, pg. 77--Butt Strap, Davites, Gunwhale.

February 1943, Solomon Island Talk by Hallack McCord, pg.
15--airplane/ballus, coconut frond torch/boom-boom, pocket knife/knife screw/
food/ki-ki, sailor/bo's crew.

May 1943, Paul Bunyan Talk by Elrick B. Davis, pg. 31--Bindle Stiff, Candy
Side, Cat Skinner, Cookee, Deacon Seat, Gopher, Guthammer.

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