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Pressed, heated cheese
The cheese curd has been mechanically pressed (like the pressed, unheated cheese). Furthermore the curd is heated in order to promote even more whey drainage. The maturation periode is longer than for soft cheeses and moulded cheeses (from 2 months to above 1 year). This slow maturation explains the special texture and flavour.

Name             Region       Milk      Wine                          Season
- - - -
Madrigal        Brittany     cow       light red, fruity red     all year
- - - -
Madrigal Baby Swiss is as I understand it a brand name, used outside of France and Switzerland.
Madrigal, by the way, is a family name in France and Belgium.

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>    I picked up a cheese at my local supermarket that I thought was "Swiss cheese."  (It had holes in it.)  It wasn't Swiss.  It was "French Madrigul (sic) Cheese."
>    "Swiss Cheese," by international law, must come from Switzerland.  If someone is in Paris, and he buys "Swiss Cheese" made in France, what's that called?  Madrigal Cheese?  Can Grant Barrett help?
>    There are several hits for "Madrigal" cheese on Google.
>    OED recently revised entries such as "madrigal," but the cheese definition is not there!
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