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> I have a question for the list on forms of address--specifically, on the
> form of address that uses some title plus the addressee's first name, as
> in "Judge Judy," "Dr. Laura," and the like.  I'm looking into the history
> of this formula, and would appreciate any help anyone can give.


However, I do recall when I was growing up (in the 1970s) that the younger,
hipper priests would want you to call them Father Pete and such.  I think a
lot of that movement comes from the anti-authoritarian stuff of the late
60s--when these guys become authorities, they don't want to flaunt it.

Only slightly apropos is the reverse shift of "Reverend". Back in the early
Neolithic I learned that "Reverend" was not a title on the order of "Mr."
or "Doctor" or "Professor", but an adjective like "Honorable", so that the
proper way to use it was "the Rev. Jane Smith" (okay, I'm retrojecting a
little there) or "the Rev. Dr./Mrs./Ms. Smith". "Rev. Smith" was being
specifically ruled out, but it's common today

Any Professor Bobs or Professor Janes out there?

How about Dr. John, the Ny'awleanz musician? :-)\

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