free variation in pronunciation

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Tue Apr 3 21:37:18 UTC 2001

At 01:37 PM 4/3/01 +0800, Larry Horn wrote:

>I argued in my "spitten image" ADS paper in January that this is true for
>a number of -ed/-en variants, including these:
>                 graven image (vs. They engraved this image)
>         (new-)mown lawn (vs. I've mowed that lawn)
>         (un)proven allegation (vs. You haven't proved that allegation)
>         (store-)boughten clothes (vs. Have you bought any new clothes?)
>         (clean-)shaven face (vs. Have you shaved your face?)

I'm reminded of a hand-written sign a club put up at a basketball game a
hundred years ago when I was in high school:  Boughten Cookies for
Sale.  The h.s. English teacher tore it down as "ungrammatical."    But she
probably wouldn't have liked "Store-bought Cookies for Sale" either, prig
that she was (one of my favorite prigs though).

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