Origin of "hot dog"

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Fri Apr 6 14:00:14 UTC 2001

What's the saying?...something like, "Two things you
don't want to watch being made; laws and sausage."

--- George Thompson <gt1 at NYU.EDU> wrote:
> Douglas G. Wilson observes: "In the 19th Century,
> sausages were
> associated with dogs (NOT dachshunds!)in two ways:
> (1) "dogs like
> sausages" (a sausage was considered an appropriate
> treat for a dog, and
> the stray-dog population was routinely suppressed by
> means of poisoned
> sausages in some cities); (2) "sausages are made out
> of dog meat"
> (partly humorous)."
> "Dog meat" might mean either of two things: the meat
> of a dog or meat
> only fit for a dog: scrap meat gleaned by a butcher
> from here and there
> on a carcass.  Presumably that's the sort of meat
> sausages are made
> from, but there is humor to be had in pretending
> that a sausage is made
> of meat from a dog.
> Does anyone remember the uproar of 20 year ago, or
> more, when it was
> found that some American hotdogs were made in part
> from kangaroo meat?
> George A. Thompson
> Author of A Documentary History of "The African
> Theatre", Northwestern Univ. Pr., 1998.

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