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This is a secondhand account, and I never had an experience like that
during my six years in greater NYC, but my mother once told me of a time,
on a visit to the city, when she rode one stop too far on the subway.  When
the train went a LONG way before getting to another station, she had a
sneaking suspicion she should have gotten off at the last stop.  The train
emerged from underground and became an elevated before she finally had a
chance to get off (no doubt either in Brooklyn or Queens, I'm not sure
which).  She did get off, and asked the first transit employee she could
find how to get to X Street (I forget exactly where in Manhattan she was
trying to go).  The startled reply: "In NEW YORK?!"

Peter Mc

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> Outside N America, "New York" refers to the city.  When people ask me
> where I'm from, I tell them "New York" if I want to intimidate them, and
> "New York State" otherwise.
> Charles Wells supposes that "New York" refers to the city in the
> northeast, but I think that depends on where you are.  In NYS, it
> definitely doesn't, and I suspect that it doesn't in Vermont and likely
> the Berkshires, since the state will pop up on their weather maps.
> Lynne Murphy
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