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   From the NEW YORK POST (Metro edition), 12 April 2001, pg. 1, col. 3 box:

_Rudy defends_
_"Homeless Hiltons"_
_Page 7_

   The story is about homeless people, some of whom have had stays (under court-ordered housing) in luxury hotels for a few nights.  "Rudy" is New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
   "Homeless Hilton" means "_homeless_ people in _Hilton_-like Hotels."


   I've heard this in a modern song and in an old television commercial ("What has Sheraton done for you lately?").  I don't know what Fred has.
   The NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 1 March 1964, section 3, pg. 9, col. 3, has "What have they done for me lately?"  It was taken from Bill Schneider's booklet, "There's No Business Like YOUR Business."


   What's the earliest cite anyone has?
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 8 April 1964, pg. 31, col. 5:

_IBM Unveils Its "New Generation" Computers_
   "The new machines," he said, "do not fit the true definition of 'third generation'--that is, they do not contain integrated circuitry."


CORRECTION--Why is a grade correction always "up" and a stock market correction always "down"?  Many hits, such as NYHT, 1 April 1964, pg. 27, col. 7, "Investors talked so much about a 'correction' or 'reaction' to the sustained uptrend of the bull market, that the market finally began to hear them."

GLAMOUR STOCKS--Many hits, such as NYHT, 11 March 1964, pg. 12, cols. 2-4, "Spurning the Glamour Shares."

GROWTH FUND--Amazingly, not in the OED.  Some 1950s hits are on JSTOR.  A nice article is in the NYHT, 8 March 1964, business section, pg. 5, col. 5, "'Growth' Funds: How to Pick 'em."

MONEY LAUNDERING--I found a "hot money" investigation, but no "money laundering" so far.

CASH COW--No "cash cow" so far.  Perhaps of interest is the NYHT, 3 March 1964, pg. 9 ad, "IBM computers help cows produce 50% more milk."

BUCK ROGERS--Not in the RHHDAS and Kathleen Odean's WALL STREET SLANG.  From "today's terms" in the NYHT, 11 March 1964, pg. 32, col. 3, "BUCK ROGERS: Stocks that suddenly shoot up a good many points in the course of a day's trading.

MAE WEST--Not in the RHHDAS and Kathleen Odean's WALL STREET SLANG.  From the NYHT, 16 March 1964, pg. 29, col. 1, "The 'Stop' is a formula designed to protect paper profits in a lofty market, limit losses in a declining market, or initiate trades at crucial market levels.  Sometimes known as the trader's 'Mae West,' it works best in a market which may be too high, but might bloom further upside."

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