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> My father (native Atlantan,  1906-1986, dropped out in eighth grade) said
>  "burgular" and "Perishing" (for Pershing).

"Perishing" is a great name for a general.  Was it your father who decided to
build the Pentagon in the middle of a cemetery?

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> Mark Odegard
> I was listening to CNN HN. One of the talking head (Holly
> Furfur or Loretta
> Lapoor, to spell them as they sound) said 'parapelegic'
> instead of the
> correct 'paraplegic'.

The Parapelegic War, fought between the muscle-bound oaves of Sparta and the
I'm-so-intellectual-my-muscles-have-atrophied Athenians, lasted a generation,
after which there were so many unemployed soldiers in Greece that ten
thousand of them signed on for a Persian filibuster.  The administrative
burden of ten thousand mercenaries was such that one of their leaders, named
Xerophone, invented (and named after himself) the Xerox machine.

See what a week on matzoh will do for you?

      - Jim Landau

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