Pantsuit (1964)

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   Sometimes it's just a women's clothing kind of day.
   OED has 1966 for "pants suit/pantsuit."
   From the SUNDAY HERALD TRIBUNE, 20 September 1964, section 2, page 1:

_Cinderella Pants_
WHAT happened to Cinderella has nothing on what's happening to pants.
   You used to be able to pick up the best-looking pair of wool pants to wear in the country for around $25 in any sportswear department.  Suddenly pants, in a new version called the pantsuit, star in fashion shows.  They have become high fashion.  They are even more so than sequina and sables.  You pay at least $500 for a pair to be proud of, more if the label reads Norell.  Or you can go the whole way and have them made to order by Courreges (?--ed.) for around $1,000.  Up-from-the-masses success stories can happen to clothes, too.
   Just to review the rise of the pantsuit.  Norell was the first to grasp its snob possibilities.  But when he showed his first pantsuits, he said specifically: "Not for the street, just for the country."  He did allow, though, that a girl might slip into them for walking her dog.  Jacques Tiffeau, another ((Pg. 2, col. 2--ed.) American pioneer, has been showing the pantsuit for four years.

(Hillary Rodham Clinton, the United States Senator from New York--AAAH!!--wears pantsuits--ed.)

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