Herb Stahlke hstahlke at GW.BSU.EDU
Mon Apr 16 13:43:31 UTC 2001

This sounds like a variant on the "athalete" or "fillum" pronunciations we were warned away from in elementary school (50 years ago).  I can see why both those l's would become syllabic, since thl and lm are not comfortable clusters for a lot of English speakers, but I'm not sure why pl would be a problem.


>>> markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM 04/14/01 01:34PM >>>
I was listening to CNN HN. One of the talking head (Holly Furfur or Loretta
Lapoor, to spell them as they sound) said 'parapelegic' instead of the
correct 'paraplegic'.

It's not that I want to be snobby, it's just that you'd think these people
would NOT want to be sneered at, and at the very least, there would be some
sort of diction coach on the set.

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