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At 11:30 AM -0500 4/17/01, Miriam Meyers wrote:
>The use of they and its forms with such antecedents is actually
>about 600 years old.  A number of people have written pieces on this
>usage and its history.  A couple of my articles are "Current Generic
>Pronoun Usage:  An Empirical Study," AMERICAN SPEECH 65:3 (Fall
>1990) 228-237, and "Forms of they with singular noun phrase
>antecedents," WORD 44:2 (August 1993) 181-192.  Dennis Baron's
>GRAMMAR AND GENDER (Yale UP, 1986) treats the usage as well.
See also

Newman, Michael (1997)  Epicene Pronouns:  The Linguistics of a
Prescriptive Problem.  New York:  Garland.

and references therein.

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