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I thought Dennis (and possibly others) might like to see this
response from one of my graduate students to Dennis' earlier e-mail.

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>I once experienced tunnel vision, headaches and nausea upon hearing a
>friend answer the telephone and say "this is him," but i can't say i
>actually puked.  i saw a guy choke when he heard someone say "ain't," but
>that was in Macon, and everybody says ain't there, and the guy could have
>choking on his dip.
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>  > >
>  > >This is an interesting case of 'informal' grammar mapping into the
>  > >call for gender equality in language. Luckily I had the construction
>  > >'naturally' so I was pre-ready.
>  > >I sure do like it when people people report that they 'cringe' at
>  > >the ordinary speech of others. Keep sending in them visceral cards
>  > >and letters. Could somebody attest to actually puking, for example,
>  > >on hearing a piece of grammar they didn't take a liking to? I'd love
>  > >to hear about it (or fainting, wetting their [uh, I mean his or her]
>  > >pants, etc...).
>  > >
>  > >dInIs

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