references on teen slang

Jonathon Green slang at CRAYFORD.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Apr 19 10:14:17 UTC 2001

for Sonia Launspach

For starters try
This is the ''College Slang Page' and host to The College Slang Research
Project at CSU Pomona. I don't know whether your student is looking for
academic treatises on such slang, but this is a good site for vocabulary
etc. It also offers a number of links. 'Slang and Sociability' by Connie
Eble; 'Runnin' Down Some Lines' by Edith Folb are a couple of useful titles
that jump into my head. But the requst is rather non-specific: Are wee
talking Black/White/US only/British... All that aid a trawl through a web
browser should help.

Jonathon Green

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