"music" = 'recorded music'

Thu Apr 19 11:32:34 UTC 2001

Here's another interesting quote from the Lonnie Johnson lyric "I'm
Nuts About that Gal" (New York, 12 Aug. 1932).  I'm not absolutely
sure this use refers to recorded music, but the fact that the music
is described as "soft" does seem to indicate an ability to turn the
volume down, and the overall context suggests a private venue in
which a record player or radio is being played rather than, say, a
dance hall:

Lord when she starts to loving:  I can't help from to fall
She likes her music soft:  when the lights are low
When she starts to kiss me:  does me good down in my toes

I found this on p. 141 of Blues Lyric Poetry:  An Anthology (New
York/London:  Garland Publishing, Inc. 1983)

Joanne Despres

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