living in a tree

Baker, John JBaker at STRADLEY.COM
Thu Apr 19 18:03:18 UTC 2001

        Perhaps this is an intensification of, or otherwise related to,
"sitting in the catbird seat," meaning to be in a position of power or
prominence (cf. the famous short story by James Thurber).

John Baker

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> << White Sox announcers John Rooney and Ed Farmer tonight noted that
>  ballplayers will say "He's living in a tree" about someone who is
>  going through a great fielding streak, gobbling up every ball
>  anywhere near them.  Rooney and Farmer were mystified as to the
>  metaphorical origin of the phrase--I would assume the ballplayers are
>  likening the streaking player to a squirrel, but of course I could be
>  wrong.  Anybody got any other ideas? >>
> a very long shot: is "living in a tree" related to "out of your tree", a
> phrase meaning "crazy, eccentric, nonsensical"?  (I heard this phrase from
> a
> classmate in college in 1966).
>          - Jim Landau

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