"mdse.", 1913; query

Russ McClay mcclay at TAOLODGE.COM.TW
Fri Apr 20 12:14:16 UTC 2001

Gerald Cohen wrote:

>     Would anyone know the meaning of "mdse." in the quote below? It
> appears in the newspaper _The San Francisco Bulletin_, Feb. 5, 1913,
> p.17/3; 'Sporting Tit-Bits by "Mac":

Ran across this image which appears to be from a few decades

I don't remember ever seeing the use of Mdse. before but as chance
would have it I read about it here on ADS's mailing list yesterday;
a day later my new 'filter' pulled one right out of thin air. =)


The word Mdse. appears at the bottom of the image.
The copy:

General Mdse.
Groceries, Meat, Food, Hdwe. Ball Band Footwear
Hurst, W. VA. - Phone VADIS 3F13

Russ McClay

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