New York's Chinatown (1898)

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by Louis J. Beck
New York:
Bohemia Publishing Company

Pg. 49:
   Two Dollars per Dish:
Yu Chie--(Shark's Fin).
Wong Ye Tao--(Sturgeon Head).
Yen War--(Bird's Nest).
She Kiso--(Air Bladder of Eels).
Sze Kwa Ap--(Deviled Duck).
Don Bark Gop--(Steamed Squab).
Sut Ye--(Snow Moss).
Shake Ye--(Rock Moss).
Sen Mi--(Angel's Beans).
Hoi Tsam--(Beach de Mare).
Bow Ye--(Holiotis).

   Seventy-five Cents per Dish:--
   Por Law Gai Pan--(Fried Chicken, Boneless, with Pineapple).
   Chow Gai Pin--(Fried Boned Chicken).
   Tso Pin--(Fried Pig's Paunches).
(Pg. 50--ed.)
   Chow You Ye--(Fried Duck's Web).
   Park Gop Song--(Fried Minced Squab).
   Chow Leong Har--(Fried Lobster with Vegetable).
   Chow Foo Kwar Gai--(Fried Chicken with Balsam Pears).
   Chow Gai Sue Mean--(Fried Noodles with Boneless Chicken).

   Soups--Twenty-five Cents a Dish:--
   Sue Kwa Kiang--(Sponge Squash Soup).
   Tso You Kiang--(Mushroom Soup).
   Chop Suey Kiang--(Giblets and Pork Fried).
   Hoy Shum Kiang--(Beach de Mare Soup).
   Too Kwar Kiang--(Balsam Pear and Pork Soup).
   Ho She Kiang--(Dried Oyster Soup).

   Fifty Cents a Dish:--
   Chow Mean--(Fried Noodles).
(Merriam-Webster and OED both have 1903 for "chow mein."  The first citation is from that great Chinese cookery book, CONV. OF A CHORUS GIRL--ed.)
   Chow Fune--(Fried Rice and Noodles).
   Foo Yong Dan--(Ham and Egg Omelet).

   Fifteen Cents a Dish:--
   Shen Arp--(Boiled Duck).
   Park Chum Gai--(Plain Boiled Chicken).
   Ap Hoy Wan Ton--(Stuffed Noodles and Duck's Leg).
   Ap Hoy Mean--(Noodles with Duck's Leg).
   Chop Suey--(A Hash of Pork, with Celery, Onions, Bean Sprouts, etc.).
   Chop Shu--(Broiled Loin of Pork).
   Yung Dow Foo--(Stuffed Bean Cheese).
   Lo Yok--(Pig's Ears, Snout and Paunches Mixed).

   An almost endless variety of dishes are served, down to a simple bowl of rice for five cents.  Then follows--
(Pg. 51--ed.)
   Miscellaneous, Ten Cents per Order:--
   Li Chee Kon--(Dried Li Chee Nuts).
   Kon Tau Li Chee--(Preserved Li Chee Nuts).
   Faraday Young Tao--(Star Fruit from Faraday).
   Wong Pe--(A small fruit of the lemon variety).
   Kum Ghei--(Same as above but larger).
   Ching Moi--(Preserved Green Apricots).
   Por Law--(Preserved Pineapple).
   Sar Lee--(Preserved Pear).
   Loong Ngou--(Dragon's Eyes--a fruit similar to Li Chee).
   Shup Kwar--(Preserved Citron).
   Gai Ngang Go--(A confection made the shape of a chicken's neck).

   Pastry, Twelve Cents a Plate or Three Cents Each:--
   Gai Don Go--(Sponge Cake, steamed or baked).
   Dow Sar Bow--(Bean Jelly Dumpling).
   Tom Yak Bow--(Sweetmeat Dumpling).
   Chop Shu Bow--(Roast Pork Dumpling).
   Park Sung Go--(Fermented Rice Flour Pudding).
   You Char Kwai--(Doughnuts).
   Wan Shoo--(Dumpling made of Lobster and Vegetables).
   Dem Sum--(Minced Pork Dumplings).
   Chee Ma Beang--(Cake Flavored with Seaman Seed).
   Fook Yok Beang--(Flat Cake Stuffed).
   Wan Gaw Go--(A Gummy Cake).
   Soo Beang--(Crusted Cake Stuffed).
   Ham Chit Soo--(A thin Snap Cake, highly flavored).
   Lok Dau Go--(Cake made of Green Bean Flour).

   Wines and Liquors, Fifty Cents a Pot; Twenty-five Cents a Cup:--
   Moi Kwai Lo--(White Rose Wine).
(Pg. 52--ed.)
   Ng Kar Pe--(Palm Root Wine).
   Park Nor Mi--(White Rice Liquor).
   Ching May--(A liquor flavored with fruits).
   Sam Pen--(Medical Brandy).
   Tea, five cents per cup.
Chop Shu--(Roast Pork).
Yok Bang--(Minced Pork).
Chee Kok--(Pig's Feet).
Ngow Park Mum--(Stewed Beef).
Ham Dau--(Salted Eggs).
Lap Chong--(Dry Sausages).
Loong Ngor Bark--(White Cabbage).
Fan or Arn--(Rice, a Big Bowl).
   A bowl of soup is furnished with the foregoing free of charge.
   Wine and liquors fifteen to twenty-five cents a pot.

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