Names for Dot-Com Layoffs

Paul Frank paulfrank at POST.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Apr 26 21:16:22 UTC 2001

> Perhaps you've noticed new euphemisms cropping up
> among the wounded and nearly dead on the dot-com
> battlefield. Today our company (an Internet-consulting
> firm) announced that during the first quarter of 2001,
> we lost $5 mill. from unpaid work. The memo said, "We
> are committed to our people, and we have taken several
> steps to reduce our expenses." One of the steps "we"
> have taken is "implementing headcount reductions."
> Does anyone else have otherwise outrageous statements
> to report?
> Elizabeth

I've heard the verb "to uninstall," though it's not the sort of word you'd
find in a press release. How about dynamically augmenting shareholder value
through targeted biological restructuring?

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