Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Apr 29 13:55:31 UTC 2001

 From Jan Ivarsson:

>Grand Larousse Dictionnaire de la Langue Francaise (1975) under "jazz"
>also gives the date 1908 and as a reference cites Dietrich Behrens, Ueber
>englisches Sprachgut im Französischen (1927).

I have consulted the Behrens book. The citation (p. 60) reads:

<<jazzband Musikkapelle (amerik.) Matin 8.10.1908: .. les _jazband_ des
fusiliers marins donnent un concert (Scherer).>>

"Scherer" apparently is a reference to M. Scherer, "Englisches Sprachgut in
der französischen Tagespresse der Gegenwart", _Giessener Beiträge zur
Romanischen Philologie_, Heft XI (Otto Meyer, Giessen, 1923). I can't find
this book immediately.

But the citation presumably refers to the Paris newspaper "Matin"?
Presumably 8 October 1908? I don't have immediate access to this.

Can any of the scholars take this further? If someone will send me a copy
of the appropriate issue of "Matin", I will be glad to look through it. (^_^)

-- Doug Wilson

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