Turkmenistan proverbs

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   Greetings from Uzbekistan!  AOL is not working.

MANAT--currency in Turkmenistan.  OED?


Early morning, greet father first, and then horse.

Old enemies cannot be friends.
(This is a big one, and is used in the newspapers in regard to the current
friendship with Iran--ed.)

Water is life; horse is wing; carpet is soul.

Roll out your carpet and I'll greet your soul.

Guest is higher than your grandfather.

Fill yourself with milk; your friend is yoghurt.

In a quarrel, dogs and cats won't recognize their host.

Even a graveyard will not change a hunchback.
(E.g., a leopard cannot change his spots--ed.)

Don't gossip; the walls have ears.

Don't make an elephant from a flea.
(Don't make mountain of molehill--ed.)

Don't worry about the mule going blind.  Just keep the wagon loaded.
(Drinking proverb--ed.)

Dogs will bark and caravans will pass.

If you weigh a dog with a pearl, the dog will cry and the pearl will cry.
(Bad brings down good--ed.)


Omlette "Chibis" (eggs with yoghurt)
Omlette Menemen" (eggs with tomatoes and pepper)
Lakhmadjun, a kind of meat pie
"Revani" mealy desserts
"Sheker pave" cake in syrop
"Haydari" (yoghurt with garlic and dill)
"Cherkez" (chicken with finely cut meat in an oven)
Manti filled with youghurt
"Choban" salad
"Zaravshan" salad
Pasturma in foil
Pide, Turkish bread

KGB--Kahlua, Galliano, Bayley's
Balalaika--vodka, cointreau, lemon juice
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