Banished Words List

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon Jan 1 07:26:07 UTC 2001

   Lake Superior State University students have their Banished Words List, as
they do every year.  "Chad" is on this year's list.  See Nexis or:


THE LOT--Appears to be an Australian sandwich name for "the works" or "the
kitchen sink."  One "The Lot" burger contained eggs, bacon, and cheese.

MY FLIGHT--I told Qantas that there's a little snowstorm in NYC, all flights
are being delayed, and I would be happy to spend an extra day or two in
paradise.  If I fly tomorrow, the flight is probably fully booked to NYC and
they'd probably have to pay people to give up their seats.  I got no call
back to my hotel about any change.  It's leaving as scheduled!  If I do have
an extra day in Sydney, make your Australian slang requests to me now.

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