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Tue Jan 2 22:10:30 UTC 2001

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Elizabeth Gregory

<<< annelamb at GNV.FDT.NET  1/ 2  3:55p >>>
Actually, this isn't about MIlk Bar, but a notice to all:
    I can no longer handle the volume of mail that comes with this
list.  I am leaving town tomorrow and am canceling my e-mail for four
months. I have been unable to unsubscribe, though I have tried every way
I can think of.
    I leave tomorrow morning. Can anyone please send me advice on how to
unsubscribe before 9 PM Eastern Standard Time tonight? I realize this is
an imposition, and  I thank you in advance.
        Anne Lambert

Barry Popik wrote:

> Big Apple Milk Bar
> --store in the center of Cairns, Australia
>    Greetings from a free terminal in the Sydney Airport.
>    I couldn't find any earlier "milk bar" in a quick check of the
> phonebooks.
> August 3, 1936, pg. 16a
> Opened in Fleet Street by Hugh D. McIntosh
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