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>Is there any chance that Milk Bar is a calque from Polish (Bar
>Mleczny)? Milk Bars ("plain food joints" - not just milk products)
>are so designated there.


>    Greetings from New York City.  The "Milk Bar" posting was rushed (hey, I
>made my plane) and I wrote 1936 instead of 1935.  Here goes again:
>>>From OED:
>20 November 1935, FORRES GAZ--The milk bar, or place where milk drinks are
>sold, is a popular institution all over Australia and plans are on foot for
>installing them in Britain.
>November 1934 Melbourne telephone directory
>    I didn't see "Milk Bar" in a quick check of it.
>>>From SYDNEY MORNING HERALD index ("Milk Bar" head):
>3 August 1935, pg. 16a--Opened in Fleet-street by Hugh D. McIntosh.
>28 November 1935, pg. 12c--Mr. Hugh D. McIntosh opens a second milk bar in
>the stock exchange building (London).
>UPCOMING:  I'll try to meet Frank Abate for lunch when I head up to CT to
>research the "grinder."
>    I'll continue my nationwide yellow pages "phonebook food" series and check
>for California sushi roll (Los Angeles 1970s), Buffalo wings (Buffalo,
>1960s-1970s), chimichanga (Tucson, 1960s), hoagie (Philadelphia, 1940s),
>grinder (New London and New Haven, CT, 1950s)and more.

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