milch cow

GSCole gscole at ARK.SHIP.EDU
Fri Jan 5 20:21:16 UTC 2001

Relatives of mine, with large dairy farms, and those with small farms
for that matter, speak of a 'milk cow'.  I've never asked them to write
down the word, but they pronounce the word much as they would in
reference to a glass of milk.  Speakers are from both Delaware and
Northeast Maryland.

Milking cows is the phrase for a group of milk cows.  I don't know why;
of course, I've never understood the in-print use of milch cow either.
Perhaps 'milking cows' is the phrase to use for those cows giving milk
that can be (or is) sold to a dairy co-op?  Sort of a balance sheet
term, in reference to the asset base of a farm.

George S. Cole  gscole at
Shippensburg University

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