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Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sat Jan 6 03:35:10 UTC 2001

  I have come across a term "yeloting," which is apparently not listed
in the dictionaries. Is anyone familiar with it? It seems to refer to
running of some sort.

   It appears in a baseball article in the _San Francisco Bulletin_,
May 2, 1913, p.20, col. 5; 'Williams Is Puzzle To Seals' "Cac"
[Henley] Easy For Wolves':

  'Cac Henley's Oakland luck, or whatever you want to call it,
deserted him yesterday, and Wolverton's bunch [the Sacramento Wolves]
came to the fore for the second time in two days.  The score was 4 to
0. Honolulu John Williams held the local boys practically helpless,
allowing them only three hits,...  On the other hand Henley was
touched up for nine safeties, all of a nature to send the Wolves
yeloting along on the road toward victory.'

---Gerald Cohen
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