New Haven's Apizza, Grinder & Hamburger

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Mon Jan 8 06:01:14 UTC 2001

   The New Haven Free Public Library was open 1-5 p.m. this Sunday.
Everything else was closed, so I took a trip up.
   New Haven has a school of higher learning called Yale University--famous
for teaching our next president everything he knows.  Unfortunately, the New
Haven Library has almost no Yale material.
   I'll probably go to New London, CT, for my "grinder" search next
Wednesday--after the MLK, Jr. holiday when the colleges are in session.
   The New Haven Library had only the 1959-1960 telephone book, and 1920s
phonebooks before that.  (The city directories are not much help.)  The
librarian there was very kind and said he'd ask around (New Haven Colony
Historical Society, telephone company) for earlier phonebooks for me and for
his library.
   "Apizza"--not entered in OED or DARE--is everywhere (see also old ADS-L
archive) in 1959-1960:

Al's Restaurant (..."Grinders"...)
Big Apple Restaurant, 164 Wooster (since about 1948--ed.)
Bobbie's Apizza
Cappie's Apizza & Restaurant...Apizza & Grinders
Capri Bakery & Restaurant...Apizza...Grinders
DePalma's Apizza
F&H Apizza
Gag's Apizza
The Grand Apizza  (Ad advertises "grinders" and has the winking chef giving
the "OK" sign--ed.)
High Ridge Gardens Apizza and Restaurant
Johnnie's Apizza Restaurant
Lew's Apizza
Luigi's Apizza Restaurant (ad has "grinders"--ed.)
Mike's Restaurant and Spaghetti House (Ad has "apizza"--ed.)
Modern Apizza Place (Ad has "grinders"--ed.)
Nicky's Apizza Spaghetti House
North Haven Pizza House (Gotta be a typo--ed.)
Palm Beach Apizza & Restaurant
Paul's Bakery (Ad has "apizza"--ed.)
Raccio's Apizza
Ralph's Pizza (Probably another typo--ed.)
Sam's Apizza & Restaurant
Shorty's Apizza (Ad has "submarines"--ed.)
Sloppy's Joe's 466BeachWH
Smitty's Drive-In...Hamburger & Pepperburger Specialties
Soundview Apizza Restaurant
Tontine Restaurant (Ad has "apizza"--ed.)
Tony's Apizza Restaurant
Vece Peter Apizza
Zuppardi's Apizza

   I checked the handwritten card index and found this from the NEW HAVEN
REGISTER, 6 June 1979, pg. 40, col. 1:

_Did New Haven Grind Out The First Hamburger In America?_
(...)(This UPI story is from Dallas.  The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair claim
is detailed--ed.)
   Other claims exist.
   Yankees in New Haven are convinced Louis Lassen served the first burger in
America at his establishment there in 1895.
   Tolbert admits Lassen served something--but not a hamburger.
   "That was sliced beef," Tolbert said.
   Kenneth Lassen, who now presides over the cubbyhole that is Louis
Lunch--seating capacity 28--emphatically says it was not sliced beef.  He
says the burgers served there today were cloned from the 1895 model.

(See 1880s "hamburgers" in the ADS-L archive--ed.)

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