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At 5:23 PM -0800 1/8/01, Judi Sanders wrote:
>The best source would be the Random House Historical Dictionary of
>American Slang.

Assuming all items investigated are from A-O, of course.


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>Respected Sir/Madam:
>We are working on a project called "The American Slang". We need to
>collect the definition of slang, nature and origin of American Slang
>, Words or Phrases or Sentences used as slang and general rules for
>th usage of slang . Give their meaning and their correct usage along
>with some twenty examples. I could get some information about "what
>is slang?". But regarding history, nature, origin, rules to use
>slang and things like that, I could hardly collect any data. If you
>can help me in this regard, it would be very generous. May be if you
>have some data regarding this, you can send it to me through e-mail.
>You can also send me the name of websites from where I can collect
>the information relating to "American Slang".
>Thank You for your help in advance.
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