"Franken-" meaning genetically modified

Douglas Bigham TlhovwI at AOL.COM
Tue Jan 9 20:25:02 UTC 2001

Perhaps "franken-" only takes the negative connotation by people who are
leery of technology to begin with.  Here's an example of the use of
"franken-" as a good thing from T3 magazine, November 2000:

"MP3 Player/Phone >>Frankenphone!  >>Finally, Samsung plans to bring one of
its Frankenphones to the U.S., with a planned November release for the
SPH-M100 Uproar MP3 player/phone.  The Uproar offers all the modern
conveniences associated with current phones, plus e-mail/fax access and an
hour of MP3 playback.  Intended to de-clutter the tech-savvy person on the
go, its "two for the price of one-ness" should play well with those wanting
to save dough for luxuries. . . like gas."

Pardon any broken style conventions, I'm only a student.


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