scholarship request for black studies

mbairessem LAOUNODJI m.laounodji at VOILA.FR
Wed Jan 10 13:10:35 UTC 2001

Dear sirs,
Best wishes fro the New Year 2001.
I thank you all for you quick responses to my query about Black English
or Ebonics forwarded by Peter Patrick on the linguistpost last year.My
query was to have a backgound information about B.E because i lacked the
 materials.I have already defended my project on B.E for an M.A in
I would like to further my studies in linguistics,and mainly in Ebonics
or B.E.So i send you this query to inquire if you could help me or to
refer me to any institutions or Black institutions that could help me
with any scholarship to achieve that aim.I love to know the deepest
structures and the functionning of B.E.I hope you will be of some help
or refer me to any helping hand.I am looking forward to sending you any
information you may need.By the way,i am a Chadian student .I live and
study in Central African Republic,Africa,which is a francophone
country.And it is not easy to be in touch with anglophone world.I hope
to hear from you soon.
Laounodji Mbairessem Monza
University of Bangui
po box 1450

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