Hoggie (October 1944)

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Thu Jan 11 20:59:48 UTC 2001

   Now the LOC tells me that Philadelphia 1940-1943 is missing!  Last time I
was here, there were no CT directories; now they have New Haven and I'll get
it soon.  Ah!

October 1944, PHILADELPHIA, pg. 687, col. 1:
Bertha's Oyster House
  Spaghetti--Delicious Hoggie Sandwiches
3828 Eastwick av...BELgrde-1777

October 1944, PHILADELPHIA, pg. 692, col. 4:
Hoogie Shop 37 & Firmt...BARing-9764
(Hoogie?  It's under that spelling the next year, also--ed.)

October 1944, PHILADELPHIA, pg. 696, col. 2:
   Stonehurst Sandwich Shops
Submarine (Hogies) & Other Tasty
Sandwiches to take out
7016 Elmwood Ave.
SARatga 4155

October 1944, PHILADELPHIA, pg. 696, col. 3:
Tony's Hogie Shop 6709 Woodlnd av...BELgrde-4 (Copy cut off.  Don't call-ed.)

(BTW:  Various shops sell "Italian Tomato Pies."  These would be

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