"Native American" and variations thereof (2)

Thomas Paikeday t.paikeday at SYMPATICO.CA
Sat Jan 13 14:59:03 UTC 2001

The standard answer, I suppose, is that the people themselves prefer to
be called the Inuit, as in "The Inuit Tapirisat of Canada," as in all
people and personal names, and especially because they are our
neighbours. One reason surely is that "eaters of raw flesh" is
derogatory in this day and age ("sushi" may be a status question) when
most Inuit may be ordering their steaks done medium rare.

TOM PAIKEDAY (PYE.kuh.day, not PAY-)
P.S. Just read Doug Wilson's posting of Jan. 11.

Laurence Horn wrote:
> . . . Maybe the Canadians are
> just in the vanguard here.I'm not sure whether the objection to
> "Eskimo" is that it's too broad in its application or that it's too
> closely associated with tales of blubber-eating, nose-rubbing,
> wife-sharing and the like.
> larry

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