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Since she is a die hard Boston Red Sox fan, the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn
probably wasn't all that traumatic.
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> I forget who gave the paper on this at the ADS/LSA meeting last week, and
> my program is at the lab. But there's a lovely example of quotative "like"
> in tomorrow's NY Times Magazine Section, in an interview with Doris Kearns
> Goodwin. Here's the context, with punctuation:
> "Someone was talking to people who had watched me, and they were like,
> She's the one with the normal hair. Which means that it was sometimes
> sticking out."
> The interview's on page 15.
> I'm not sure exactly how old Goodwin is, but, she's old enough to have
> traumatized when the Dodgers left Brooklyn, which would make her at least
> 50.
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