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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Jan 13 13:08:59 UTC 2001

At 6:14 PM -0500 1/13/01, Alice Faber wrote:
>Tom Fenton said:
>>Since she is a die hard Boston Red Sox fan, the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn
>>probably wasn't all that traumatic.
>*Now* she (Doris Kearns Goodwin)'s a Red Sox fan, but she grew up in a New
>York suburb. Larry Horn posted which one, but I don't remember, other than
>that it was on Long Island.
Rockville Centre, just three towns north of where I went to high
school in Long Beach, Long Island.  And she was a devout Dodgers fan,
as Alice and I have been saying and as she makes clear in her 1997
memoir of her Catholic (and Dodger) girlhood, Wait Till Next Year (us
old Brooklyn Dodger fans can't miss THAT reference).  Her moment of
supreme grace was the year the Bums finally didn't have to wait till
next year--1955-- and she also has a lot of nice things to say about
Jackie Robinson, and her two traumas were of course--in order of
importance but not chronology--(i) the traitor O'Malley's moving the
team to L.A. in 1957 (shattering her allegiance, along with mine and
most other fans I knew at the time--she eventually took up with the
Bosox, presumably partly because they were poetically doomed to just
miss (and usually to the Yankees) too and partly because she was
living in the Hub) and (ii) Bobby Thomson's "shot heard round the
world" wiping out the Dodgers in the playoff for the 1951 pennant.
There was a lot of controversy on local New York sports talk radio
when her book came out with her memories (as a six-year-old) of how
she just KNEW the Dodger manager was making a fatal mistake bringing
Ralph Branca in to pitch to Thomson--that couldn't possibly have been
the a real memory of a six-year-old, the local talk show hosts (Mike
and the Mad Dog) insisted.  They also don't believe DKG could really
have been that die hard a Dodger fan then and that die hard a Red Sox
fan now, as she insists on the Ken Burns "Baseball" documentary.  (Of
course, Barry would no doubt remind us, every fact presented in a Ken
Burns documentary is ipso facto suspect.)


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