French Bread (Pain de Mie)

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As far as I know, "pain riche" is not a specific kind of bread, but rather used as a synonym of "pain blanc", white bread, made from wheat. The term does not figure in the "Petit Robert" Dictionary, neither under "pain" nor under "riche". (It was curiously enough imported into Swedish as the name for what the French call "baguette" around 1940 - maybe this happened also in other languages.)
"Pain de manage" must be a misprint for "pain de ménage", meaning simply "home-made bread".

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>    Pain de Mie is not in OED (revising "M").  OK, so it's French.  We have an ADS member in France, you know.
>    From "Fancy Breads Taboo in France," THE STEWARD, pg. 11, col. 1:
>    ...the breakfast "Croissant," the dinner and luncheon "pain riche" or "petit pain" or the simple "pain de manage" of our schoolboy days.
> (Pg. 12, col. 1--ed.)
>    Au revoir to "Pain Riche" in all its marvelous forms and shapes, for which there can be no translation (OED take note--ed.); to the Pain Marchand-de-Vin, the Baguette Anglaise (alas!); the Baguette Gruau, the Joko Court and the Joko Long; the Baguette Ficelle (thin as a string) and the Couronne (crown); the Pain de Mie (sandwich bread) in six different (Col. 2--ed.) sizes, from the Mie ordinaire to the Mie Royale and the Royal Sandwich; the Pain de Seigle a Huitres; the Pain Gibier (for game) and the seigle Russe, the Boule de Seigle and the Miche de Seigle.
>    Au revoir--and perhaps farewell--to the "Croissant" (crescent).  And au revoir to all the little lunch and dinner breads which in all time have been the best part of the meal in Paris; the Empereur; the Galette; the Benoiston; the "Pistolet," large and small; the "Grand Opera" in four sizes and the "Opera Simple"; the "Lunch"; the "Brillat-Savarin"; the "Pain Buda"; the "Boule de fromage," and the "Galette."  Au revoir, merci, et Vive la France!

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