gender differences in non-verbal communication

Michal Lisecki mlisecki at POLBOX.COM
Sun Jan 14 15:42:41 UTC 2001

Dear ADS subscribers,

I've been trying to gather materials for a paper on non-verbal
language use by different sexes. Although I am going to concentrate
in the paper mainly on the Internet communication (any communication
systems within the medium) I would be interested in any hints on the
latest writings/findings in the field.
I find it very hard to access both the specific materials that I have
the references for, as well as the materials themselves in Poland. I
managed to track down some conference materials, however, it is
impossible to get them in any Polish libraries.
Before setting off for the any inter-library loan systems which take
a lot of time to get the desired materials I thought perhaps some of
you could point me to any other internet-based sources of the
writings on the subject of gender differences in non-verbal language
use (esp. the case of online communication).
Perhaps somebody knows of any access to an electronic version of the
following works or perhaps of a way I could contact the author(s):

Epstein, C. F. (1986) Symbolic segregation: Similarities and
differences in the language and non-verbal communication of women and
men. Sociological Forum, 1(1): 27-49

Ivy, D. K. and Backlund, P. (1994) Exploring GenderSpeak: Personal
effectiveness in gender communication. New York: McGraw-Hill

Kramarae, C. and Taylor, J. (1993) Women and men on electronic
networks: a conversation or a monologue? In _Women, Information
Technology, and Scholarship_, 52-61. Urbana, IL: Center for Advanced
Study, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Any issues of _Computers in Human Behavior_, best accessible online.

Should anybody be interested in the subject I can share the
references/bibliography on the subject or post it to the list if
there is a considerable interest in it.

Thank you for any help,

Michal Lisecki

Michal Lisecki [lisu] <magura AT>

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