Drive-by-Wire; Names; How to Speak Minnnesotan

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Mon Jan 15 03:50:51 UTC 2001


   From the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 12 January 2001, pg. B1, col. 2:

_"Drive-by-Wire" Technology Promises Simpler and Safer Car Control_
   Rather than moving the steering wheel to manually turn the wheels, the driver moves it--or a joystick--to transmit an electronic signal to a computer, which tells the wheels what to do.
   Drive-by-wire, used in jetliners for years, creates a car that handles like nothing else.  BMW has already equipped two test cars...


   A filler piece on 1999 New York City's Baby Names made the front page of THE NEW YORK TIMES, 12 January 2001, pg. B1, col. 2.
   The June 2000 issue of NAMES (the Journal of the American Name Society) arrived yesterday.  It is "Dedicated to the Memory of Frederic G. Cassidy."  See pages 151-152.
   Everyone here should also be ANS members.  (I have also offered free ANS membership to Safire assistant Elizabeth Phillips, but she won't reply to that, either.)


   The governors of New York and Minnesota had a bet on today's Giants-Vikings football game.  NY won.  Jesse Ventura is paying up, in part, with the book HOW TO SPEAK MINNESOTAN.

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