Eco-Terrorism (Earth Liberation Front)

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On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Barnhart wrote:

> ecoterrorism is an entry in the Dictionary Companion (Vol. 6.2).  It
> goes back at least to 1989.

Here's a 1987 cite for "ecoterrorism" and "ecoterrorist":

1987 _Star Tribune_ (Minneapolis-St. Paul) 20 Aug. (Dow Jones)  A wave of
"ecoterrorism" by militant environmentalists in the Pacific Northwest has
the timber industry preparing itself for a modern equivalent of the
19th-century range wars between farmers and cattlemen. ... Last month Sen.
James McClure, R-Idaho, called for harsh penalties for "ecoterrorists" and
introduced a bill outlawing the spiking of trees.

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