"like that"

Tue Jan 16 03:35:17 UTC 2001

To all:

> I haven't heard "like that" around the Seattle area, but it may be
> generational for this area. I can't believe there is a huge difference
> between speech patterns in Portland and Seattle, although when I moved
> here 26+ years ago, there were some noticeable differences in vocabulary.
> From now on, though, I'll be listening for it.

I live in Seattle, and I've never heard anybody around here(of any
generation)say anything remotely resembling "I feel like that we ought to go
shopping".  I've heard a lot of people say something like "Is this, like,
soap?" meaning something like "You're referring to soap?" or "She was, like,
let's go dancing"(mostly among people a generation younger than me). But
I've never heard anybody use the above construction.  Maybe I'm just too
fuddy-duddy to hear it.
Anne G

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