Sturgeon's Law

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From: Baker, John <JBaker at STRADLEY.COM>
Date: 16 January 2001 15:06
Subject: Sturgeon's Law

>        Sturgeon's Law in its original form stated stated "90% of
>is crud," but the last word is usually altered to "crap."  I had always
>heard that it came up in a casual conversation between the science fiction
>writer Theodore Sturgeon and some fans.  While that may be the case,
>Sturgeon apparently made it available to the broader world in a talk to the
>World Science Fiction Convention in 1953.  That's according to an account
>James Gunn in The New York Review of Science Fiction #85, September 1995.
>According to the Theodore Sturgeon FAQ, Sturgeon then wrote about
>"Sturgeon's Revelation" (as he then called it) in the March 1958 issue of
>Venture Science Fiction.  The FAQ, with a link to the relevant portion of
>the Gunn account, is available at
>John Baker <jbaker at>

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