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FYI. Although it doesn't mention language in the South, that topic
does not seem to be excluded.  --SL

>Call for Papers:
>"Souths, Global and Local: An Interdisciplinary Conference"
>April 5-7, 2001
>University of Florida
>Gainesville, Florida
>What have been, and continue to be, the connotations of "the South?"  Why
>and how are regional spaces marked, mapped and/or constructed?  How
>might southern regions be studied in juxtaposition with one another? How
>these questions intersect with work in regional studies, cultural studies,
>critical theory, foreign languages, literature, history,
>architecture, environmental studies, economics, political science, gender
>studies, film and media studies, sociology,
>anthropology, music and fine arts?
>We invite papers and/or presentations which examine the identifications
>and significations of southern regions from local and/or global contexts
>(and also contexts which interrogate the global/local opposition).
>Creative works and performances along with panel presentations will be
>Possible topics may include but are not limited to:
>Southern Regionalisms in the Arts
>The Two Birminghams: England's Center for Cultural Studies and Birmingham,
>The "Global South" and Late Capitalism
>Modernity and Development in "the South"
>The South of Which North?
>Roundtable: Editing Journals in/about southern regions
>Travel and Tourism
>Artistic and Cultural Representations of "the South"
>Southern Cartographies and (Post)Colonialism
>Nostalgia and/or Primitivism
>Nationalisms and "the South"
>Southern Identities (Ethnic, Gendered, Classed)
>Geographies and the Digital
>Craft and Design
>Regionalism and/in Popular Culture
>Comparative Southern Regionalisms
>Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes each.
>Please send two copies of a one-page abstract or proposal by February 1,
>2001 to:
>ego at clas.ufl.edu
>c/o Department of English.
>PO BOX 117310
>University of Florida
>Gainesville, FL 32611-117310
>This conference is sponsored by the Department of English, ACCENT, and the
>of Liberal Arts and Science Student Council and organized by the English
>For further information, visit:  http://web.nwe.ufl.edu/EGO/
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