Slang in Court

Donald M. Lance LanceDM at MISSOURI.EDU
Thu Jan 18 03:58:57 UTC 2001

Last night, attempting to raise my IQ by channel-surfing, I came across "Power of
Attorney" on the Fox channel (where else?).  A lady was suing her erstwhile paramour for
$143.  He claimed she was only his "booty call" and consequently it wasn't a loan.  For
the court record, the lawyers asked for a definition of this technical term.  He said a
booty call was someone who comes over to your place just to have sex.  She agreed to that
definition and to that characterization of their activity.  Both seemed to be OK with this
booty call situation until (a) she said she'd like to change matters to a "relationship"
and then (b) she caught him with a "hoochin mamma" the next night.  Another request for a
definition of a technical term -- "a woman who is dirty and don't care about theyself at
all."  There was an off-hand reference to the hoochin mamma preferring to give oral sex.
The lady defined "relationship" as a situation in which each lover "don't go out wit
nobody else."  Now I've given away the ethnic identity, which the lawyers [one black, one
white; hispanic judge] seemed to be celebrating by messin' around with AAVE.  The guy
never called the lady by name -- just referred to her as his booty call.  In the
deliberation, the white lawyer (representing the lady) turned the guy's words back on him
and referred to each one of them being a boot.  It takes two boots for a booty call to
occur.  (One of the regular lawyers on this courtroom show is Mr. Feiger, who represented
Dr. Death in his non-suicide trials.)
BTW, the I in the first line stands for "idiot."

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