God whacked?

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--On Thursday, January 18, 2001 9:43 am -0500 Jane P Parker
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> Has anyone heard the phrase "god whacked" before?  As in Madeline
> Albright was god whacked when she found out about her jewish reletives.
> I heard it used on the Todd Munt show npr by and editor for the
> atlantic.

Are you sure it wasn't 'gobsmacked'?  If not, I'd guess this is an American
reanalysis of 'gobsmacked'.  The only 'god whacked' things I can find on
the web are actually about God whacking somebody, or one in a sort of poem
that refers to 'your god-whacked beliefs', which I take again to be actual
reference to God.

"Gobsmacked", as I think has been discussed here before, is a British
expression meaning something like 'flattened by surprise'.  It's creeping
into American English more and more.

> I am not an academic person.  Is this group only for academic
> inquiries?  The faq  did not address this.

No, it's all kinds of people/inquiries.


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