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   Everything's going badly today.  Just another day, I guess.


  From THE CATERER AND HOTEL PROPRIETOR'S GAZETTE, November 1926, pg. 37, col. 1:

   Then came Quiche Lorraine.  It is a sort of ham and eggs pie, prepared after one of M. Escoffier's 79 ways of preparing ham and (Col. 2--ed.) eggs.  This pie was very popular with the doughboys while over in France.

(See ADS-L archives for "quiche."  It is also in Larousse from about 1895--ed.)

BLT (continued)

   From THE CATERER AND HOTEL PROPRIETOR'S GAZETTE, July 1924, pg. 50, col. 2:

   _Hot Bacon Sandwich_
   Cook the bacon until it is crisp.  Butter slices of bread and spread lightly with salad dressing.  Add a little chopped lettuce and chopped tomato which has been seasoned with salt and pepper.  Add crisp bacon, put the remaining slice of bread on top, and then serve.  The salad dressing and chopped lettuce may be omitted and the whole sandwich toasted in the oven.


   Ocean Spray has this registed from 1963.  See:
   From THE STEWARD, November 1943, pg. 19, col. 2:

   CRANBERRY-APPLE RELISH (recipe follows--ed.)

   Pg. 20, col. 2:

   CRAN-APPLE SAUCE (recipe follows--ed.)


   I don't have DARE handy here in SIBL.
   From THE STEWARD, December 1942, pg. 22, col. 1:

   Tangerines are coming up from the South and will continue to flow in until early Spring.  Known in Florida as "kid glove" oranges, these tiny members of the citrus family make an acceptable substitute...

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