Tangerines etc. (was: Quiche Lorraine, etc.)

Tony Glaser tonyglaser at MINDSPRING.COM
Sat Jan 20 00:08:40 UTC 2001

>>It was said:
>>>In France tangerines are sold as clementines - loose
>>>skin, seedless, and delicious.
>>In my experience, those are two different entities. Last weekend I had
>>seedless clementines - they were radically different from any tangerines I
>>have ever eaten.
>In my experience as well (and I was just going to write that when I
>read this last posting).  I had "clementinos" for the first time in
>Israel in 1961 - and they were unheard of when I returned to the
>States.  Tangerines were common, however.  Still all clearly in the
>same family, but maybe different in the way mandarin oranges are
>different from naval oranges are different from Valencia oranges, et

In some parts of the English-speaking Caribbean certain bitter
oranges are called "swivel sweets" - "swivel" being  a corruption of

There are also some extremely thick-skinned grapefruit which are
known as "shaddocks" - I have heard it said that this is from the
name of the sea captain who first brought them to the Caribbean, a
Captain Shattuck, who is supposedly also the man behind the name of
Shattuck Street in Boston. I'd be interested if anyone has knowledge
of that.

Tony Glaser

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