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   The LOC has the WESTERN UNION TECHNICAL REVIEW, 1947-1961.  I went through the whole run, but didn't find much.
   In addition to this and DOTS AND DASHES, Western Union also put out BLAZED TRAIL, but that was a one-page, non-technical thing.  I also went through TELEGRAPH WORLD, but that's an employee magazine.  I'll go through the JOURNAL OF THE TELEGRAPH later, but that ended in 1919 and I'll be looking for "30" there.
   "Chad" appears in articles that mention "code holes."  Possible acronym after all?

April 1953 WESTERN UNION TECHNICAL REVIEW, "Perforated Creasing Devices."
Pg. 52, col. 2:  Because of the roughened surface it presents, chadless tape introduces a further hazard in that configuration of stored tape in the accumulator may cause the entering tape to touch the tape being drawn out.  The outgoing chadless tape tends to engage the entering tape and interfere with its free downward movement.
Pg. 53, col. 1:  However, removal of the static charge from chadless tape did not overcome the frictional problem and accumulators at positions using the tape were therefore equipped with exhaust blowers.

July 1956, WESTERN UNION TECHNICAL REVIEW, "Control System for Integrated Data Processing."
Pg. 109, col. 2:  The 5-wire reperforator used at the data storage position, in addition to punching code holes, is equipped with five read-back transmitter contacts located five characters to the left of the tape punch block that perforates the chad-type holes.

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